Custom Homes

Designing a home is a very personal, exciting and intimate experience. For a project to be successful, it requires the detailed project management and experience of a professional design team that can understand the requirements and needs of the client, first and foremost. A design team that is constantly researching new products, innovations and methods that can transform an average home into an aesthetic and functional living experience that always exceeds expectations.

“We want our clients to feel like they are at an amazing vacation destination, every day….They just never need to leave their homes to be there.”

Additions & Remodels

Designing Addition and Remodel projects should always be performed by experienced design professionals. RM Designs is a firm that understands the many potential challenges of remodeling existing homes. Our forethought, insight, and creativity with addition and remodel projects will optimize your homes true potential from what you expected….to what you never thought possible.

“Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those who are already doing it.”