Tenant Improvements

Designing the interior spaces of existing commercial buildings is always an exciting and ultimately rewarding venture. We create an entirely new design dynamic, theme, functional working environment and updated identity for our client’s company. Taking an existing building footprint and designing a complete work place transformation inspires our clients in their continued growth. Understanding and communicating a clients construction budget, time constraints and scheduling are critical in keeping a project on target.

Exterior Facade & Historical Renovations

Bringing and existing aged and weathered building from what it currently has become, to what it wants to be is a most rewarding challenge for any design firm. RM designs has created the successful renovations of many commercial, industrial, historic and residential facades since 1989. Making a building new again, always re-invigorates our clients passion of ownership, and revitalizes the communities they are in.

“Always respect the history and purpose of these older buildings. We just want to re-introduce them in a new exciting light, at a time now when new materials and technology will bring forward their finest attributes that time has since lost.”

All projects were performed under the direct supervision of a state licensed architect or engineer.